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I would like to add a few words about myself:
I have been taking photos for over forty years and I have been shooting underwater since 2006. As for the photographic equipment, in the past I used Praktika and Panasonic cameras. Lately, I have been using cameras and lenses made by Canon and Sony. For underwater photography I use Sea & Sea equipment (from D.E.A.W.S. Centrum s.r.o.). When photographing the “above water” world, I mostly focus on landscape photography, I like to photograph trips “not only” for diving and I like to work on some interesting topics as well. Underwater photography definitely is special. I try to convey views from the underwater world of the oceans, seas and lakes both from the warm climatic zone and as well as from the cold northern areas. In recent years, cenotes and caves on the Yucatan Peninsula have become my matter of the heart. I try to capture the mysterious beauty of what can be seen in the caves while diving. I am involved in some photographic communities in whose galleries I publish some of my photos. It is the Czech Gallery Megapixel, a global gallery 1x and the world-wide ViewBug community.

My photographic achievements:

Diving, traveling and, additionally to it, photographing requires quite a lot of time. I would like to express my thanks for their kind cooperation first of all to my wife Lidka, who is a my buddy and who patiently undergoes the eternal “waiting for the photographer”; big thanks belongs to my sons: director of photography Martin Polach, who is my great photographic consultant and to my son Petr Polach, who is my second buddy. I would like to say “thank you” also to Mr. David Dusek for his key cooperation during photographing in the caves of Yucatan.
Photographic trips (“not only”) for diving are organized by myself, my wife and my son, depending on our possibilities. We sometimes use the services of other organizations and dive centers, among which I would like to mention SPELEO ZONE MEXICOD.E.A.W.S. Centrum s.r.o.(CZ), BARAKUDA DIVING s.r.o. (CZ), Kapr Divers, s.r.o. (CZ), TOP DIVE s.r.o. (CZ), UWH s.r.o. (CZ), DIVE.IS (Iceland), Aggressor Adventures (USA) and Ballinskelligs Boats (Ireland). I am looking forward to any comments you may have regarding my web site.

Petr Polách, Šumperk


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